Dirty or Folded

Dirty or folded,
I have to put you away
Like clothes on the floor
Clothes on my bed,
Out of my mind
Catch my breath.
Cold or hot,
I have to face you
Like ice down my back
Summer on my skin.
We’ve had our seasons,
Saying goodbye
To the weakest
Yet strongest
Parts of me.


Oh the pages to burn
Before I learned
That feelings fade,
Thoughts are temporary.


Therapeutic walks to the car
Sometimes I race to beat my history
Other times I think about what is.
Sunsets beam off buildings
And clouds take over structures
The sound of construction reverberates.
Little ants crawl to their colonies,
A piece of bread waits for them
But bread is not on their diet,
They’re happy for it anyway.
Another day is another day
To another year for experience.


pull back the frayed, sheer curtain
look at yourself missing a friend
in your own chosen ways.
no one is happy to watch you drown
in a well of your own tears, it is what it is.
sooner or later, you’ll see that we all
hurt and it’s never forgotten.
don’t add to the pain.


Life becomes a bit simpler
When we see everything with purpose,
We meet people for certain reasons,
People become lessons learned.
Intimidation falls away and instead I ask
What can I learn from you today?
Where I walk now is where I always step
But the path has changed.
Bathroom stalls become booths for inspiration
Because the busy day allows for none.
I still walk with my head down,
But I know why now.
I’ve accepted my lesson,
Now it’s your turn.