honey bees

when you were near me
you were like an awkward honey bee
flying too closely to a flower


pretty petty

pretty but petty
at the parties,
the corner girl,
sofa queen fine,
waits for the jokes
to catch fire after spoken,
but the drinks can’t
fuel the laughter they seek.
it’s embarrassing.

morning routine

morning sheets keep my dreams,
a pillow wishes it were a cloud,
sleepy hair and tired thoughts.
I lie still a little while longer
breathing for life’s sake.
light covers my eyelids,
I step into daylight
and let the warm water run.


long sleeves for your watery eyes,
I see a lot of flowers growing
from all of our sad times, don’t you?
I guess the silver linings are there
but I’m left in the overcast,
I looked but couldn’t find myself.

mirrors deceived me into believing
a stranger knew us both,
a stranger lended their hand,
gave away their shoulders.
the healer of feelings
but was it for themselves?

what came over me

What came over me
Hours ago,
Who the hell,
What the hell?
Let me ask again.
Abused doubt, so convenient.
Anger isn’t in the cards
Just sadness for all my friends.
Me, myself, and the universe know
What came over me
Hours ago,


Here’s a bottle of what I think.
It’s not always logical
And it’s full of emotions.
You might have expected
Numbers and realizations,
But I can’t calculate anything
If I disconnect from my feelings.
Where would I even be?


it’s romantic how
the moonlight exposes
every pore of your skin
but lingers on shadows
of heartbreak as if
running its fingers
over the wounds
to heal them.